In a city where rowing is – or was – a kind of civil religion, the historical regatta is definitely an event not to be missed for those who want to get an idea on Venetian traditions. The Storica is actually a number of different competitions on traditional boats, such as the Kids’ race on the caorline, the women’s one on the mascarete and of course the most important race of all, the one on the gondolini (a thinner and faster variant of the gondola). While the Vogalonga is an event open to racers from around the world, the historical remains a rite reserved for locals – with the exception of the University crew, that this year will challenge the colleagues from Warwick, Vienna and Lausanne. The only concession to tourism is the recent introduction of a historical parade, where dozens of people in Renaissance costumes – the Doge and the Dogaressa among them – sail along the Grand Canal. The 2015 Regatta will take place Sunday 6 September, the full program is available here: