Tomorrow don’t be surprised to see hundreds of athletes running along the Zattere, up and down the bridges in the direction of Punta della Dogana: what you’ll see is simply one of the most famous marathons in the world, now in its thirtieth edition.
The race starts from Stra, a small town not far from Padua, where stands the magnificent Villa Pisani, one of the most famous Venetian villas along the Brenta Riviera, goes through the industrial center of Marghera and Mestre, arrives in Venice via the long Ponte della Libertà – closed to traffic for the whole day – and ends in Riva Sette Martiri. In addition to tens of thousands of running enthusiasts, many of the greatest champions of the olympic discipline have crossed the finish line over the years. The race has always helped to fund many charity projects (the fights against ALS and against famine in Africa among the others) and we couch potatos can enjoy it too, thanks to the live broadcast on RaiSport2 channel.