Despite being the second largest island in the lagoon of Venice (or the first one, since the island on which the historic centre is built, as you all know, is actually a group of 400 tiny islands), St.Erasmo is little-known by most tourists. Very green and almost devoid of important monuments, the island is known to residents as l’orto di Venezia (the vegetables garden of Venice), a place that for centuries has fueled the city of vegetables of all kinds. The agricultural vocation of S. Erasmo continues today with some fine productions. For example, the cultivation of the castraure (a kind of small purplish artichokes) and the vineyards, which for some years are experiencing a great revival, thanks to the efforts of winemakers like Frenchman Michel Thoulouze, every specialty of S.Erasmo is celebrated in a festival, and the wine is no exception. The grape must festival is held the first Sunday in October – but this year has been postponed to the second and certainly worth a visit. To reach the island, you must take line 13 from Fondamenta Nove.
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